Welcome to Norikura Plateau and enjoy rich nature

Our hostel & lodge at the altitude of 1,500m are located at the Norikura Plateau on the mountainside of Mt. Norikuradake(3,012m) , the southern end of the Chubu District Mountain National Park, commonly known as the Northern Japan Alps. Within one drive you can reach Kamikouchi and various types of spas in this region. We are in the center of mountain tourism and attractions.

In this environmentally protected national park, private vehicles have been prohibited to drive up to the top area of Mt. Norikuradake . So we have been successfully keepping natural beauty of our environment. We are positive to recommend you to take an enough time to enjoy walking. Then you will be free from the bustle of big cities.

Listening to the sounds of wind, singing of birds, and soaking in the white surfer hot springs, please enjoy your stays with us.

Norikura Plateau Youth Hostel TEL +81-263-93-2748 FAX +81-263-93-2162
Norikura Family Lodge TEL +81-263-93-2014 FAX +81-263-93-2162

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